Proverbs 11:18 – ‘The wicked man earns deceptive wages, but he who sows righteousness reaps a sure reward.’

Who doesn’t want to reap a sure reward? In Proverbs it tells us how we can achieve this – through righteousness. We cannot achieve it through earning money that isn’t ours.

Have you ever had to pay back money? It can sure put a stretch on things! Perhaps you didn’t have enough tax taken out or you under claimed earnings and received benefits falsely. Deceptive wages cannot be used to bless others and they hurt us in the long run.

Alternatively, the person that chooses to act righteously with their finances ‘reaps a sure reward’! This reward isn’t promised as wealth, but perhaps it’s the blessing of having just enough. Or perhaps more than enough so we can give to others. Perhaps it means in times of financial strain, God blesses us with a much needed favourable result at the eleventh hour.

Righteousness reaps a sure reward. Whatever the reward, know it only comes from righteous living through God.

A Sure Reward: Sow Righteousness

A Sure Reward: Sow Righteousness

Avoid earning ‘deceptive wages’. Whether or not we are wealthy Christians in the business world, there will always be someone watching us. As they see us accumulate wealth, are we acting in a Godly manner with it? Are we acquiring it legally and then using it to bless others, or is the manner in which it is gained questionable?

If our money is coming about in a way that causes others to question our integrity, then we are not being good stewards with our finances. Nor are we being good examples for Christ. It is better to be poor and honest, then to have acquired riches that are to be our downfall and cause others to turn away from Christ because of unethical Christians.

Wealth tip: Making a note of business related expenses throughout the year and keeping receipts will help you when it comes to claiming at tax time; you may find the deductions greatly benefit your finances!