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For Some Opportunities, you need to Ask

There are times in our lives where we may feel it’s not possible to become a Wealthy Christian. We see no opportunities to save, or earn more, or try out an idea. But the fact of the matter is, there are opportunities, at times we just need to ask.

Download Wealthy Christians the 30 Day Devotional for Free

Download Wealthy Christians the 30 Day Devotional for Free

I have been on a family holiday and had so many ideas for novels I am writing, as well as a blog. I was jotting down the general idea of these posts or parts of varying stories, thinking I wouldn’t get to write them out in full until I was home. The fact of the matter is, I type a lot faster than I write – and it’s neater! It has become a habit to write straight onto the computer, rather than put an idea on paper and then put it into a processed document.

I didn’t have access to a computer, but I did have my usb with the various stories and other documents loaded – just in case. Even a few days into our five week holiday, I was seeing opportunities to use a computer that belonged to a family member on my husband’s side. I just hadn’t asked. So what happened? Nothing.

Sometimes nothing happens until we step out in faith. At the end of the day, when you ask for something one of two things will happen – you’ll receive a yes or a no. And even if it’s a no, it may be a not now, rather than a not ever response.

When I made the effort to ask, I found that at that exact time I was able to use what I needed and get a lot of work done! Including this post 😉

Keep your eyes open to opportunities to increase your wealth. Look out too for ways to bless others, learn new skills and use your current skills to fill a gap in your church, household or community.

Who’s Missing out when you Refuse to use your Gifts?

Each person is uniquely made. Their gender, age, looks, personality, experiences, interests and skills will never all be the same as another person’s. Yes, there are similarities between many people, but never the same mix upon two people. God has made you uniquely you. And because of that, no one else can fill your role.

Are you Using your Gifts for the Benefit of God's Church?

Are you Using your Gifts for the Benefit of God’s Church?

So the question remains: what skills do you have that you can use in your church and community because you have the availability as well as the capability? And who misses out if you don’t use them?

I love to sing. It’s something I enjoy very much and thankfully as it turns out, so do others when I do it! In my local congregation I struggle to find the time to be available to sing – I have two young children to look after and a husband who loves having me beside him throughout church. That said, I make myself available for as many worship practices that I can, juggling keeping the kids entertained and helping out with the words on the computer or sound system. Every now and again I even get to sing on a Sunday!

The worship coordinator has been lenient with me, working things so that when I do lead a song or two in worship, it is well into the service when I am likely to be there! Unfortunately, I am not good at arriving on time, having a husband and two children under 3 to organise in the mornings. But that doesn’t mean that with a little creative thinking that I can’t use my passion for singing to lead the congregation in a worship song or two. And when I do, there are more often than not comments from various congregation members, thanking me for my contribution.

Their praise isn’t necessary – although it is nice – but it does show that the singing I enjoy doing is enjoyed by others. So what gifts do you have that your congregation is missing out on benefitting from?

Could you cheerfully greet people as they come through the door? Do you make a delicious slice that would go great with the coffee and tea after the service? Do you love playing with kids and could make a great contribution in kids’ church? Are you a stickler for clean things and available for the cleaning roster? If you’re doing nothing more than filling a chair in the service, chances are there’s an area of service that you can contribute to. If you’re not sure, ask! The pastor or leadership team will be only too happy to guide you.

Piggy Banks and Bank Accounts for the Wealthy Christian

Did you grow up with a tin or piggy bank that you put coins into as a way to save?

Piggy Banks and Bank Accounts for the Wealthy Christian

Piggy Banks and Bank Accounts for the Wealthy Christian

My parents’ church have provided a little jar with a slit in the top that they encourage their congregation to put loose change into. At the end of the month they then bring it to church as an offering towards a particular mission that the church supports. This is a great way to build up an offering on a regular basis! And chances are, most people don’t miss it.

Now if this small amount consistently can help to support a missionary through a church, what can it do for you? Please note: I’m not saying don’t support something God has called you to support just so you can build your savings! What I am saying is that every little bit adds up.

Do you do something similar at home? Or do you have loose coins sitting in your wallet? Down the side of your couch? In a console in your car? Perhaps in a dish on a table in your hallway. Maybe in many different places?

At the end of the day, if your money is sitting where it isn’t earning interest, it is costing you money. It could be working for you! I encourage you today to generate one place to put this loose change that you may have and on a monthly basis to tally it and take it to your bank and put it into savings. Chances are, this little bit regularly will add up over time!

Christian Super – Investing Your Super Ethically

In Australia employers are obligated to provide at least 9% of a worker’s pay as superannuation to be put away into a super account. Most workplaces choose a super provider for their employees, unless you identify a chosen super account for them to put your money into.

Christian Super - Investing Your Super Ethically

Christian Super – Investing Your Super Ethically

Whether you’re soon to receive your first lot of super from a first job, or moving to another job, you can relocate your super. Why not consider setting up a super account with a Christian organisation that ethically invests their money? This may be another way that you use your funds to impact this world for good – by allowing other Christians to invest it and generate a return for your superannuation. You can check out www.christiansuper.com.au

Be sure to take at look at wealth and faith resources for a list of free resources available to you!

Also, why not download my free 30 Day Devotional, Wealthy Christians?

Christians Against Poverty – Free Resources

Otherwise known as CAP, Christians Against Poverty offer courses that allow anyone to learn how to budget and save effectively. A church near to where I live was offering the course and I headed along with my husband. It was great!

Christians Against Poverty - Free Resources

Christians Against Poverty – Free Resources

Full of practical tips, with examples of how to manage money and how to only spend what you have available to you. This course was offered free through the church and it seems that CAP provide information and DVDs for churches to offer the course free to their congregation and local community.

If you have an interest in doing the course, why not approach your local church about hosting a CAP course? There’s an online budgeting setup that each person can make use of to get insight into their funds. Check out www.capmoney.org to find out more.

Be sure to take at look at wealth and faith resources for a list of free resources available to you!

Also, why not download my free 30 Day Devotional, Wealthy Christians?

How Your Wealth Benefits Me – Free Resources

When you are wealthy and using it for God, it benefits me. How is that so? It is my desire as a Wealthy Christian to reach many people for Christ. I also desire to pass on what has helped me to get on top of my finances – and to flourish – to other people. And in time, perhaps they can pass on their knowledge too!

In the end, our goals are the same.  If you flourish and are able to give more to God, that is what I desire!  So your wealth increasing is something I desire, so that you can give more.

With that thought in mind, I want to explore various free resources available to you to help build your wealth. I have signed up to Wealth with Purpose and often receive emails from Alex Cooke about building wealth for God’s kingdom. The emails provide videos with tips, articles with guidelines and often downloadable resources to help your financial situation!

Wealth with Purpose Free Resource: Eliminating Debt

Wealth with Purpose Free Resource: Eliminating Debt

Wealth with Purpose provides a simple but effective pdf file on eliminating debt. Alex looks specifically at the length of time to be paid off on debts, eg a monthly crdit card, a car loan term, a mortgage loan term. He also advises to assess the interest rate, and those that are costing more in interest.

Then he focuses on assets that can be converted to cash to help pay off debts, focusing on the higher paying debts first and the smaller ones, to eliminate as quickly as possible.

The above link provides free ebooks on other financial aspects, too!  Why not have a look?  After all, they’re free 🙂

Be sure to take at look at wealth and faith resources for a list of free resources available to you!

Also, why not download my free 30 Day Devotional, Wealthy Christians?

Wealthy Christians the 30 Day Devotional

Hi everyone!

Wealthy Christians A 30 Day Devotional on Wealth in the Bible by Christine Meunier

Wealthy Christians A 30 Day Devotional on Wealth in the Bible by Christine Meunier

If you’ve been following along on this blog, you will be aware that I have completed the 30 days worth of posts on Wealthy Christians.  As soon as I started this devotional, my plan was to complete it and develop it as an eBook resource for everyone.

I have made it available on Amazon and Smashwords.  You can head along to Smashwords to secure your free copy!  It is available in ePub, mobi (Kindle), pdf and other electronic formats.  I’d love for you to benefit from a copy!

Here’s the blurb:

Wealthy Christians is a 30 day devotional that looks at God’s word, wealth and how the two can work together to impact this world for good. It is broken up into 30 sections to be read one day at a time. This includes a bible verse, an exploration of a financial idea, a prayer to pray and an actionable idea relating to improving one’s financial situation.

This devotional is for those wanting to better understand how they can use their finances for God’s work. It is also for anyone who wants to take better control of their finances and save more for their future.

While you’re at it, why not add the book to your shelves on Goodreads?  This is a great way to help me spread the word about this resource!  I want it to be available for everyone, so be sure to share with anyone you feel could benefit from this devotional!

Wealthy Christians Day 30: Share!

Proverbs 22:6 – ‘Train a child in the way that he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.’

By now I would hope that you’ve achieved a few exciting things. These should include having:

  1. Established a savings habit and at least 30 days worth of funds sitting, earning interest (you should have received one interest payment already or be about to receive one – wonderful!)
  2. Gotten your finances into clearer perspective
  3. Recognised areas where you can cut back / earn more and save more!

With this, I would hope that you’re excited about your financial future and what you can achieve for God’s kingdom. Now let’s go a little further!

Wealthy Christians Day 30: Share

Wealthy Christians Day 30: Share

If this study has helped you, are you motivated to help someone else? If you’re able to help another Christian improve their financial situation, start on the slow path to wealth and focus their excess finances on benefiting God’s kingdom, then this is a good thing, right? Share this study and/or resources you’ve gained access to with others who you believe will benefit!

In this way, more Wealthy Christians will be around to impact this world for good! Think of people that you feel could utilise the steps and guidelines set out in this course. Are they people in your generation? Teens that look up to you for guidance? Parents who are planning for retirement? Friends who are struggling with debt?

Whoever they are, why not pass the word along? At the end of the day, this information is free for them to use. They will only need to invest their time and if it will put them in a better financial position, then isn’t this a wise investment of said time?

It is my prayer for you:

  • That you have benefited from this study and can identify principles that you’ll go on to utilise regularly to improve your financial situation.
  • That you are able to share the information here with at least one other person who you feel could benefit.
  • That you will see the benefits of your finances at work in God’s kingdom in the very near future.

Today’s prayer:
Lord I thank you that you have blessed me with the time and ability to research better ways to steward that which you have given to me. Help me to pass on the favour to someone dear to me.

Actionable ideas:
Establish the difference between needs and wants. Do you need your next purchase? Can the money be better invested elsewhere?

Wealthy Christians Day 29: Run the Race

Philippians 3: 13 – 14 – ‘No, dear brothers and sisters, I have not achieved it, but I focus on this one thing: Forgetting the past and looking forward to what lies ahead, I press on to reach the end of the race and receive the heavenly prize for which God, through Christ Jesus is calling us.’

It’s important for each of us individually to run our own race. Although our end goals may be the same – to use our finances to benefit others, reach people for Christ and to feel comfortable about what we’ve left for future generations, we each have to do our part.

Wealthy Christians Day 29: Run the Race

Wealthy Christians Day 29: Run the Race

Don’t be intimidated by your capabilities (or perceived lack thereof) and choose to do nothing. Less than perfect is always better than the best intention.

There is no point in leaving saving and financial learning to a time that ‘suits you’. There is no better time to start saving than now. Now is the best time to ask God to guide you with regards to being a good steward of your finances. Today is the perfect day to start learning more about how to earn, save and invest.

Make the effort to daily or at least weekly do something that will improve your financial situation and your knowledge. As you grow and learn, you will make better decisions and see better rewards.

Also, don’t be averse to risk. Sure, don’t take risks that could result in the loss of your house or finances to support yourself and your family. But do learn to take risks that could result in a higher rate of return on some of your finances. Even if it is choosing to put a set amount into a term deposit, rather than leave all of your savings accessible in a savings account on a smaller interest rate. At the end of the term, you can have your money back and you will have acquired more interest. The money just won’t be available to you to use over a set timeframe, e.g. 90 days. This could be a risk you’re willing to take to see the reward of a higher rate of return. Do your research.

It is my prayer for you:

  • That you will recognise the importance of running your own race, no one else’s!
  • That you will focus on the prize that is ahead, not competitors on either side of you.
  • That you will recognise forward movement in your financial journey and run with it!

Today’s prayer:
Lord I thank you that you have given me a unique financial situation, goals and desires. Help me to grow my skills, grow my finances and above all, grow my relationship with you.

Actionable ideas:
Consider splitting your budget into the areas of tithes/offerings, living expenses and saving.

Wealthy Christians Day 28: Don’t Park!

Proverbs 12:11 – ‘Hard work means prosperity; only fools idle away their time.’
‘The road to success is dotted with many tempting parking spaces.’ – Will Dodges

You may feel that you’ve contributed a lot in this life. Maybe even financially you’re comfortable and have found that you’re easily saving and giving.

Wealthy Christians Day 28: Don't Park!

Wealthy Christians Day 28: Don’t Park!

That’s great! It doesn’t however mean that you should stop. As long as there are still people in need, still people lacking, you should feel obligated as a wealthy Christian to make a positive impact in whatever way you can, for as long as you can.

Likewise, you can work hard to be even more prosperous in this lifetime. Does that seem greedy to you? Well let me ask you something: if you could give even more because of your earnings and leave more for your children and grandchildren, would you?

Working hard for more is not about being greedy – we can be content with what we have now. But it doesn’t mean that we then decide to coast through life, choosing to be inactive in our contentment. Instead, it should give us the impetus to do even more, bless even more and generate even more wealth. Don’t park. It may be that your success in life is the stepping stone God has in mind to help you to bless so many others if you just keep pushing forward.

Create a little exercise for yourself. You can choose to base it on the 30 days in this study or the past 12 months. Identify first the wealth goals that you have created and achieved. Now determine: where do you want to be in 12 months time? Use these goals to encourage you to just keep on. Setting goals and working toward them will help to hold you accountable so that you can be proactive in further improving your financial situation. When you do this, you can bless so many more!

It is my prayer for you:

  • That you will recognise that consistently improving your financial situation is possible with hard work.
  • That you will not be tempted to sit in complacency when you reach a particular financial goal.
  • That you will be excited by achieving goals and use this to drive you to achieve more.

Today’s prayer:
Lord I thank you that you identify the importance of hard work to be prosperous. Help me to find the right balance of work and rest so that I can achieve my financial goals.

Actionable ideas:
Consider only borrowing money to purchase assets that will generate income for you, not for products that will decrease in value over time.

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