Proverbs 12:24 – ‘Diligent hands will rule, but laziness ends in slave labor.’

What is diligent? Synonyms for diligent include hard-working, industrious, meticulous, conscientious, thorough and careful.

God’s word indicates that diligent hands are a positive thing. In fact, they will rule. If you are someone who is consistently working hard, then you will find favour with many on this Earth. You will also find God’s favour upon your life as you follow His Word.

Diligent Hands: Wealthy Christians get into God's Word

Diligent Hands: Wealthy Christians get into God’s Word

As you diligently work, you will find that your wealth increases, too. The harder you work – to earn more money, to learn more skills, to perfect a skill – the more valuable you become as a working Christian. As you diligently work to generate wealth and bless others, God will work to help you make it happen!

The opposite is also true. For the person who is lazy, the end result is slave labor. Some may argue they already do this in their job. They work too hard and are paid too little! This is often the cry of those who are lazy in their job.  They feel they are hard done by and resent working.  Instead, they should be working harder, doing it all for Christ.

Those who appreciate their work and wages will work harder and consequently earn more – and possibly work harder to save more. Those who are lazy will complain about the work they have and squander what they earn. Do you have diligent hands?

Wealth tip – in any mortgage, make your repayments fortnightly rather than monthly. There are 26 fortnights in a year and only 12 months, you will end up paying off equivalent to 13 months in a year if you pay fortnightly and save a lot more on interest.

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