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Delegating Your Finances

It occurred to me today that in a way as Wealthy Christians we can be delegating when it comes to our finances. So what does delegating entail? Giving a task or role to someone to carry out on your behalf. And there are some unique ways that we can do this. Perhaps it’ll energise you to know that you’re not the only one working for your financial future! So how can we delegate our finances?

  1. Delegating Your Finances helps to Generate Wealth

    Delegating Your Finances helps to Generate Wealth

    Pray about them – when we ask God to guide us, to bless us and to empower us financially, He is working in this area on our behalf. He may prompt us to invest in a particular area that sees great returns, give into a particular area or even on how to cut back on spending! When we ask God to work on our behalf, we can be confident that he will help us in the area of our finances.

  2. Save – savings are earned daily. Whatever we put into savings is working for us, every single day! In this way, we are delegating our money to go on and generate something for us.
  3. Investing – when we invest our money into something other than a savings account / term deposit, we do so anticipating that it’ll earn a return for us in some other way. Investments should be generating income for us, too.

So here are 3 ways that we can delegate when it comes to our finances. Praying about them is at the top of the list for a reason!

What the Church has done for you

In high school I was surprised to learn about an English teacher who sent her daughter to church, in spite of a lack of faith. She acknowledged to the class that she knew her daughter would be taught good morals and ethics.

As a Christian, are you aware of what the church – and early Christians – have set up for you and for society? It was churches who:

  • Provided hospitals and health care
  • Set up educational institutions
  • Developed programs that provided food for those in need
  • Often provided accommodation for those in need
  • Encouraged healthy relationships
What has the Church done for you?

What has the Church done for you?

Not only am I able to grow in my relationship with God through attending church, I am able to benefit from many of the above points that the church is responsible for having set up. How about you? As wealthy Christians, we should be connected to a local church. We should recognise the value of the church as an organisation and be giving into it in the form of tithes and offerings. It’s God house and as we improve our financial situation, this should be overflowing into our church family.

And how else can you give into your local church? By so many different ways! You can:

  • Attend regularly
  • Give into the church’s finances
  • Speak words of encouragement to the pastors, leadership team, those who are serving in an area, the general congregation
  • Invite people to attend so they can come to know Christ and also give into the church
  • Contribute your time, gifts and enthusiasm into any number of areas (greeting people, hospitality areas, music and worship, cleaning, maintenance, children’s church, youth, etc)

Recognise the great roles that the Christian church has played through history – and is still playing! Identify personally how the church has benefited you – or could be if you made the effort to attend. Next, determine areas where you can give and act on it.

Triple Prayers and Wealth

I recently returned home from a family holiday overseas and was informed that our church is undertaking a new initiative regarding prayer. To encourage everyone to focus on non-Christians around them – and to inspire church growth – our pastor suggested the idea of prayer triplets. Simply put:

Three people get together and pray for three different people, regularly. So each time these three people meet, they are in total praying for nine people who don’t yet know Christ. One person can easily pray for three others, but when three get together, their prayers are tripled for all nine people. Cool!

And that got me thinking. I would be doing this with two church members on a regular basis, but I could be praying for these people every day of the week. Or what if I chose one day for a particular person and prayed for them every week? What if I chose seven people to pray for? I know when Monday comes around, I pray for Jane, for example. And then on Tuesday I pray for Kate. Wednesday is for Mary and so on.

Do you Pray over your Finances Regularly?

Do you Pray over your Finances Regularly?

What if we had this attitude for our finances? What if we chose each day of the week to focus on praying for a particular aspect of our finances and for God to guide us? Some areas we could choose to pray about include giving, tithing, savings, investing, teaching our children, budgeting, decreasing spending, buying wisely, etc.

Now the prayer each day/week doesn’t have to be a long one. It could simply be that you thank God for your current finances and ask that He would guide you on how to use them wisely. Then you can focus specifically on a chosen area, e.g. giving and ask that God give you a heart for giving, for being generous with your money and that He may increase opportunities for you to give into His kingdom. Simple!

Our prayers don’t have to be lengthy or complicated. They do have to be heartfelt and in line with God though. You could also ask Him to guide you throughout the week with regards to how He would have you give. You may find that you’re led to particular verses or an opportunity comes up to give into an area in your church. Wait and see what God does! But be expectant when you pray 🙂

Saving Resources to Increase Your Wealth

The simplest way to accumulate wealth is to live below your means and regularly save. Effective! Perhaps there are areas where you can save that you haven’t even considered doing. Now the length we each go to, to save money is down to the individual and their conscience.

Some may argue they should do everything they possibly can to save money so that it can be used to save for their future or give into worthy causes. Others may argue that some things aren’t worth the effort involved when you consider the amount saved. It’s completely up to you!

Saving Resources to Increase Your Wealth | Wealthy Christians

Saving Resources to Increase Your Wealth | Wealthy Christians

My family is on town water in Australia. Every three months we are sent a bill by the local council based on the water that has been used over a 12 week frame. This is assessed by a water meter in our garden. Now what do you use water for? Dishes, showers, washing, watering plants, drinking… it can add up! Although I don’t consider water to be expensive when compared with electricity, I do know it is an area that my husband and I can greatly influence the cost of.

How so? We collect water from our showers – and the kid’s baths – and use this to flush the toilet or water the garden. When you consider daily the amount of water that is used to flush a toilet for a family of four and the size of a garden on an 800 metre square block, it can add up! Removing the cost of this water has helped to decrease our water bill. And so, it leaves us with that bit more money in the bank to put into savings and invest in our future.

What area of your living have you been able to manage differently to decrease costs?

In Everything, Give Thanks

As you travel your personal road to become a Wealthy Christian, I think it’s important to focus on the value of thanksgiving. In spite of your desire to save more finances or to give more to causes, do you pause to be thankful for what you do have?

In Everything, Give Thanks

In Everything, Give Thanks

As you look at a water or electricity bill are you inclined to grumble? Or do you pause and thank God that you have finances to pay for these bills and for the fact that you have clean water and electricity?

Whether or not you find yourself in the top 1% of earners in the world, chances are there are people who live on less than you do – many of them. How about those who are forced to live on less than $1 a day – could you do it?

When I was single I loved taking the challenge to live on less than $2 a day over a week. The idea was to raise awareness of those who live in such conditions daily and to raise funds. For me it worked in another area, too. I was able to cut back on spending for a week as I chose to live on bread, spreads, things grown in the garden and noodles.

When you’re feeling disheartened by your financial situation, take serious practical action by first praying and then changing as much as you can. Then focus on an attitude of thanksgiving and be sure to thank God for all that you have rather than what you haven’t yet got.

For Some Opportunities, you need to Ask

There are times in our lives where we may feel it’s not possible to become a Wealthy Christian. We see no opportunities to save, or earn more, or try out an idea. But the fact of the matter is, there are opportunities, at times we just need to ask.

Download Wealthy Christians the 30 Day Devotional for Free

Download Wealthy Christians the 30 Day Devotional for Free

I have been on a family holiday and had so many ideas for novels I am writing, as well as a blog. I was jotting down the general idea of these posts or parts of varying stories, thinking I wouldn’t get to write them out in full until I was home. The fact of the matter is, I type a lot faster than I write – and it’s neater! It has become a habit to write straight onto the computer, rather than put an idea on paper and then put it into a processed document.

I didn’t have access to a computer, but I did have my usb with the various stories and other documents loaded – just in case. Even a few days into our five week holiday, I was seeing opportunities to use a computer that belonged to a family member on my husband’s side. I just hadn’t asked. So what happened? Nothing.

Sometimes nothing happens until we step out in faith. At the end of the day, when you ask for something one of two things will happen – you’ll receive a yes or a no. And even if it’s a no, it may be a not now, rather than a not ever response.

When I made the effort to ask, I found that at that exact time I was able to use what I needed and get a lot of work done! Including this post 😉

Keep your eyes open to opportunities to increase your wealth. Look out too for ways to bless others, learn new skills and use your current skills to fill a gap in your church, household or community.

Who’s Missing out when you Refuse to use your Gifts?

Each person is uniquely made. Their gender, age, looks, personality, experiences, interests and skills will never all be the same as another person’s. Yes, there are similarities between many people, but never the same mix upon two people. God has made you uniquely you. And because of that, no one else can fill your role.

Are you Using your Gifts for the Benefit of God's Church?

Are you Using your Gifts for the Benefit of God’s Church?

So the question remains: what skills do you have that you can use in your church and community because you have the availability as well as the capability? And who misses out if you don’t use them?

I love to sing. It’s something I enjoy very much and thankfully as it turns out, so do others when I do it! In my local congregation I struggle to find the time to be available to sing – I have two young children to look after and a husband who loves having me beside him throughout church. That said, I make myself available for as many worship practices that I can, juggling keeping the kids entertained and helping out with the words on the computer or sound system. Every now and again I even get to sing on a Sunday!

The worship coordinator has been lenient with me, working things so that when I do lead a song or two in worship, it is well into the service when I am likely to be there! Unfortunately, I am not good at arriving on time, having a husband and two children under 3 to organise in the mornings. But that doesn’t mean that with a little creative thinking that I can’t use my passion for singing to lead the congregation in a worship song or two. And when I do, there are more often than not comments from various congregation members, thanking me for my contribution.

Their praise isn’t necessary – although it is nice – but it does show that the singing I enjoy doing is enjoyed by others. So what gifts do you have that your congregation is missing out on benefitting from?

Could you cheerfully greet people as they come through the door? Do you make a delicious slice that would go great with the coffee and tea after the service? Do you love playing with kids and could make a great contribution in kids’ church? Are you a stickler for clean things and available for the cleaning roster? If you’re doing nothing more than filling a chair in the service, chances are there’s an area of service that you can contribute to. If you’re not sure, ask! The pastor or leadership team will be only too happy to guide you.

Piggy Banks and Bank Accounts for the Wealthy Christian

Did you grow up with a tin or piggy bank that you put coins into as a way to save?

Piggy Banks and Bank Accounts for the Wealthy Christian

Piggy Banks and Bank Accounts for the Wealthy Christian

My parents’ church have provided a little jar with a slit in the top that they encourage their congregation to put loose change into. At the end of the month they then bring it to church as an offering towards a particular mission that the church supports. This is a great way to build up an offering on a regular basis! And chances are, most people don’t miss it.

Now if this small amount consistently can help to support a missionary through a church, what can it do for you? Please note: I’m not saying don’t support something God has called you to support just so you can build your savings! What I am saying is that every little bit adds up.

Do you do something similar at home? Or do you have loose coins sitting in your wallet? Down the side of your couch? In a console in your car? Perhaps in a dish on a table in your hallway. Maybe in many different places?

At the end of the day, if your money is sitting where it isn’t earning interest, it is costing you money. It could be working for you! I encourage you today to generate one place to put this loose change that you may have and on a monthly basis to tally it and take it to your bank and put it into savings. Chances are, this little bit regularly will add up over time!

Christian Super – Investing Your Super Ethically

In Australia employers are obligated to provide at least 9% of a worker’s pay as superannuation to be put away into a super account. Most workplaces choose a super provider for their employees, unless you identify a chosen super account for them to put your money into.

Christian Super - Investing Your Super Ethically

Christian Super – Investing Your Super Ethically

Whether you’re soon to receive your first lot of super from a first job, or moving to another job, you can relocate your super. Why not consider setting up a super account with a Christian organisation that ethically invests their money? This may be another way that you use your funds to impact this world for good – by allowing other Christians to invest it and generate a return for your superannuation. You can check out www.christiansuper.com.au

Be sure to take at look at wealth and faith resources for a list of free resources available to you!

Also, why not download my free 30 Day Devotional, Wealthy Christians?

Christians Against Poverty – Free Resources

Otherwise known as CAP, Christians Against Poverty offer courses that allow anyone to learn how to budget and save effectively. A church near to where I live was offering the course and I headed along with my husband. It was great!

Christians Against Poverty - Free Resources

Christians Against Poverty – Free Resources

Full of practical tips, with examples of how to manage money and how to only spend what you have available to you. This course was offered free through the church and it seems that CAP provide information and DVDs for churches to offer the course free to their congregation and local community.

If you have an interest in doing the course, why not approach your local church about hosting a CAP course? There’s an online budgeting setup that each person can make use of to get insight into their funds. Check out www.capmoney.org to find out more.

Be sure to take at look at wealth and faith resources for a list of free resources available to you!

Also, why not download my free 30 Day Devotional, Wealthy Christians?

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