When it comes to the Wealthy Christian’s journey, there are 3 things that you might like to consistently do. These could even be carried out on a daily basis.

  • Save
3 Things to do Daily as a Wealthy Christian | WealthintheBible.com

3 Things to do Daily as a Wealthy Christian | WealthintheBible.com

This doesn’t mean that every day you have to put money in your savings account. Although, I have one automatic transfer set up as sending $7/week to my savings account. This equates to $1/day, so is in a way a daily saving.

It could be that you save money by purchasing things at a discounted price or buying in bulk at a cheaper rate. Or maybe it means you save water by collecting rain water and therefore decreasing your water bill. Think outside the box in this area, but be sure to have a consistent savings plan set up – if it’s automatic it happens and you don’t even have to think about it, it just happens in the background and earns you interest.

This may be seen as a future building act.

  • Give

Find a way to be generous. This can be with your time, finances or other resources. God put us on this earth to be His hands and feet. This means loving others and meeting needs they may have if they can’t, because God has blessed us and put us in a position to do so.

This may be seen as a present act.

  • Generate Residual Income

Residual income is something that can be earned many times over from having carried out the work once. A great example of this is interest on savings. As you put the money into a savings account once, it daily earns interest and once this is paid out at the end of the month, this interest also goes on to earn interest. If you are going to the trouble of saving your money regularly, make sure it’s earning interest!

Another example is creating a product that can be sold many times over. Digital products are a great example of this! Be it an electronic book, a fact sheet people can buy and download, a pattern for something or maybe a course, all of these can be created once and sold many times.

This may be seen as a future act.