I have been reading the Circle Maker by Mark Batterson of late. It’s proving to be an inspiring and challenging read! One thing I love that I read in the book was about his initial offering to missions when their church was in its infancy. They weren’t supporting themselves yet, but he felt God call him to give into another ministry.

$300,000 as a Goal - Could you Live on 10%? | Wealth in the Bible

$300,000 as a Goal – Could you Live on 10%? | Wealth in the Bible

As they were obedient as a church (by giving a humble offering of $50) they found that the following week’s collection for the church was tripled. Wow! Mark is a successful Christian writer and he has confessed that he and his wife give close to 50% of their profits from book sales into God’s kingdom. But they desire to give more.

In fact, he has stated that he looks forward to the day when they’re giving 90% and living on 10%! So there’s a great challenge. What figure would you need to earn to be able to live on 10% and give the rest to God?

For me I think $300,000 would be a sufficient figure.

I believe I could comfortably live on $30,000 over a year with my husband and two children. And oh, to be able to give the rest into our church and other Christian causes! What a great financial goal 😀  What is your financial figure as a Wealthy Christians goal?