Inspired by Wez Hone, I love this idea! As Christians, we should be in business with a cause in mind that we want to invest in. We should be in business to make more than we need and then use this abundance wisely.

This isn’t about looking good so that people will buy your product or use your service; it’s about using your skills and knowledge to generate income, support yourself (and your local economy) and to give back into God’s kingdom.

Consider: what injustice or desire has God placed on your heart? Do you long to give to an organisation that is reaching an area of the world you would love to impact?

Is it:

  • Widows
  • The homeless
  • Orphans
  • The starving
  • The uneducated
  • Those without access to the word of God
  • The sick
  • Illiteracy

Whatever it is, chances are God’s placed this desire on your heart and you can focus your business returns on investing in this area. Only you can do your job in this world. And yet, if you don’t step up to fulfil the desire on your heart, God will prime someone else to get passionate and step up. Don’t miss this opportunity!

Whether you’ve already started a business or plan to in the future, consider a cause that breaks your heart because it breaks God’s and look into how you can invest in it.

Financial tip – set up a savings account and have any spare funds sitting in here; make the decision to save any amount on a weekly basis, even if it’s a dollar a day. Money in savings is working for you.