I am an Australian woman who has a love for God and a love for being able to make a difference with wisdom and finances.  I don’t believe it’s wrong for Christians to be wealthy – we are then in a position to bless so many others.

Read along and study with me as I explore this concept on this blog in 2016 as I read through the bible in a year and find appropriately themed bible verses.

“I want to bless other people with my abundance. I want to be able to give more in church, to be able to give out of the overflow of what God has blessed me with.”

And so comes the idea of Wealth in the Bible.com – to explore ways in which as Christians, we should be seeking a life of abundance.  Why?  Because from this we are able to bless others!

I don’t believe Christians are meant to be poor.  I don’t believe any of God’s children are to be in lack.  I do believe however, that some are in a better position to generate wealth and from this, be able to bless others.

Do you Desire to know what God says about Wealth in the Bible?

Do you Desire to know what God says about Wealth in the Bible?

Consider: God will get it to you, if He can get it through you.

January 8, 2016 Wez Hone was on Visionfm and the interview turned to a conversation about Christians being in business to further God’s kingdom, to be able to invest money wisely and be a contribution to the economy.  Do you desire to do that – use your wealth to bless others?

If we seek first God’s glory in our work, blessings from this will flow – including those financial. We’ll explore the concept of being a good steward and investing through Wealth in the Bible. Join me!

I’d love to read your comments, hear your thoughts and input on how we can best be used to do God’s work through our abundance; through the overflow He has blessed us with!

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