Exodus 25: 2 – ‘Tell the Israelites to bring me an offering. You are to receive the offering for me from each man whose heart prompts him to give.’

God doesn’t want an offering brought out of a grudging attitude, or one that feels it’s just another thing God is requiring of us. He wants us to want to give. This should always be our attitude with our finances.

Are you prompted to give? I believe that in our very nature as Christians – those desiring intimacy with God – we should be prompted to give; to give to God of our time, our resources, our finances and our love. This will often be displayed through the way we give to others.

Have you heard of the Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman? He writes that people display love and feel loved through five different languages:

  • Gifts (giving and receiving)
  • Words of affirmation (positive words)
  • Physical touch (hugs, caresses, holding hands)
  • Quality time (focused attention)
  • Acts of service (doing things for others and having things done for you)

Most people have one or two languages that speak strongly to them of love. For example, I love positive words, receiving and giving them. I also love to do things for my family and have things done for me in return. These are my two love languages. I believe that my love languages come into play with loving others in a Godly way, but also in business.

I have a passion for writing and believe this comes from my love of words. I try to write things that are educational and inspirational. I want to give through my love of words. I also love to do things for others, whether it be helping to create a website, Facebook page or editing a book or reviewing a book to help raise awareness.

Suddenly I can use my love languages in business to bless others. I encourage you to discover your love language/s and consider how you may use your natural way of expressing love, to reach out to people in the business world.

If you can build your Christian business around your love languages, you may find it easier to be passionate and pro active! You can bring offerings to God in the form of serving others through your business – and at the same time be successful and generate income.

Wealth tip – unsure where your money goes? Make a money diary for a month or two listing every cent spent. Cut out unnecessary spending!