Job 8:7 – ‘Your beginnings will seem humble, so prosperous will your future be.’

I love this time of year in Australia.  Or at least, what it produces in the garden.  We are blessed to be in a congregation that is largely made up of established retirees.  With this it seems, there comes established gardens, too.  Different congregation members bring along their abundance of produce – various fruits and vegetables.

At the time of writing this, we have plenty of figs, nashi pears and tomatoes from different members of the church who brought in their overflow to bless others.  My family of four is grateful!  And yet, I wish we could do the same.

Be Content with your Financial Situation, but Work to Improve it |

Be Content with your Financial Situation, but Work to Improve it |

In our garden we have a walnut tree, almond, orange, mandarin, lemon, lime, loquat and two chestnuts.  But only two or three of these trees have started to produce.  We’re a young family with a young garden.  It’s unfair of me to expect that we can bring an overflow from our garden when it’s still in its infancy.  And it can be like this with our finances.

If you’re just starting out with saving and investing, then chances are you have more debt than assets.  Also, your interest earned may be a figure in the single digits each month.  That’s ok!  Don’t despise humble beginnings.

Be thankful with where you’re at and then work to improve it.  Keep saving, keep an eye on your budget and keep learning about finances.  The more you learn and apply it, the greater your financial situation will be in years to come.  It is then that you will be able to bless others from your overflow.