Now this may seem like a ridiculous statement to read if you consider your faith and finances. Surely we should be content with what we have, even if we’re trusting God to make our finances multiply and produce more. I want to suggest the idea that all of us should be greedy for more. But in a totally different light!

Download Wealthy Christians the 30 Day Devotional for Free

Download Wealthy Christians the 30 Day Devotional for Free

My husband and I often attend a weekly community dinner that is run by a local church. It is free, is a great feed and is a chance to connect with our local community. The attendees are people from various churches in our town and a large amount of unchurched people. It is these people that we hope to establish relationships with and share God’s love with.

Recently the host of the dinner gave everyone a bag of lollies that had a bible verse printed out on a card and attached to it. The title was freely received, freely give. The host encouraged all of us that we were welcome to enjoy our one bag of sweets. Or we could go home and find someone to pass it on to; someone who didn’t know God. If we did that, we were promised 2 bags of sweets for the following week.

Now I am going to say that most people would decide one bag is enough. They get to stay in their comfort zone – and enjoy their lollies! But I want to suggest that in this regard, we should all be greedy for more. What if we shared our faith with someone – or our lollies – and it resulted in them finding Christ? Suddenly there is one more person in eternity with us. As Christians, we should always be greedy for more – for reaching more people for Christ.

And our finances can often be something that aids us in doing that. In what way can you use your finances today to bless someone who doesn’t know that God loves them?