I have a 2 year old son who is constantly picking things up and looking at them, even putting them in his mouth.  Our nearly 4 year old daughter was taught from an early age to not do this but our son is proving to be a challenge!  And yet, if we’re out at the shops and I spot a coin on the ground, I’ll tell our daughter to pick it up!

Be Ready to Pick Things Up | WealthintheBible.com

Be Ready to Pick Things Up | WealthintheBible.com

There are some things I am happy to pick up; others not so much so.  I feel we should be that way with our finances.  We should be ready to pick up information, habits or actions that will assist us on our financial journey towards becoming a wealthy Christian.

It may be a tip that someone indicates has worked for them in budgeting well (like keeping a spending diary for a month).  It may be a simple way to save (like setting up a weekly savings plan of $7 going into a savings account).  Maybe it is the way that someone avoids unnecessary spending (like only purchasing items on a predetermined list, rather than buying on impulse).  Whatever it is, we should be ready to pick things up that have the potential to help us improve our financial situation.

Any time we improve our financial situation as Christians, we’re doing a few things:

  • putting ourselves in a better position for our future
  • increasing our chances to give into God’s work
  • making it possible to help others in the future
  • establishing patterns that can only be improved upon

As a wealthy Christian, recognise what’s good for your financial situation and be ready to pick things up that could further improve your current situation.