This site has been written with the guidance of biblical verses and principles that I have been taught in life. I believe they will work for everyone. However, some of them are easier to be obedient to if we trust in God’s provision over our lives.

If you don’t yet have a relationship with Christ, I would love to be able to share the means to do so!

It says in the book of John, chapter 3 and verse 16 –

‘For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life.’

In other words, if we believe that God sent his son Jesus to live on this earth and ultimately to offer up his life for us, then we are invited to enjoy an eternity with God after this life on earth. To become a Christian, it is as simple as acknowledging that God is perfect – and we are not. Every single one of us is flawed, capable of making mistakes. But we can accept God’s grace in our lives and that fact that Jesus died for these imperfections.

When we acknowledge that he did it individually for each and every one of us, we can live a life of joy in relationship with Christ. This I believe is first and foremost the way to be a wealthy Christian – to have the gift of an eternity with God!

From here, we can learn through reading God’s word – the bible – and attending church regularly. It provides great opportunity to learn more about how God would have us live and what he would have us do with the things – and people – he entrusts to our care.

If you will acknowledge that Christ died for your imperfections – the bible calls it sin – then you have taken the necessary step to become a Christian. Congratulations!