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Preparing for the Future, Today

I have a baby due in August and have been thinking at 9 weeks to go, what I can teach my nearly 4 year old daughter before bub arrives.  She is toilet trained during the day and dressing herself as well as helping her brother with things.  But what else?  And for our youngest at 2, what can we encourage or teach to make things easier when number 3 comes?

I remember an older mother at my church who was reflecting on the fact that her eldest daughter was soon to be 18.  She acknowledged that her daughter was now a woman and hopefully knew all she needed to manage her own household; this was in light of the fact that she would be moving out of home for university.  If she didn’t, this mother realised she had a limited time to rectify the situation!

Preparing for the Future, Today | WealthintheBible.com

Preparing for the Future, Today | WealthintheBible.com

Preparing for the Future, Today

Deadlines are good; they prompt action.  We have this impending sense of need for a completion of a task.  I think we need this deadline when it comes to aspects of our finances.  What will prompt us to act today, in preparation for our future?

Think about what works best for you: setting a deadline to have a task/goal achieved by; telling a friend you’re going to do something by a particular date or setting a challenge of having achieved something financially within a set timeframe.  Whatever works, set yourself a goal or two relating to your finances and set a deadline!  It could relate to saving a certain amount, investing in something or even learning about a particular financial topic.  Then set a deadline – get to it!

Wealthy Christians the 30 Day Devotional

Hi everyone!

Wealthy Christians A 30 Day Devotional on Wealth in the Bible by Christine Meunier

Wealthy Christians A 30 Day Devotional on Wealth in the Bible by Christine Meunier

If you’ve been following along on this blog, you will be aware that I have completed the 30 days worth of posts on Wealthy Christians.  As soon as I started this devotional, my plan was to complete it and develop it as an eBook resource for everyone.

I have made it available on Amazon and Smashwords.  You can head along to Smashwords to secure your free copy!  It is available in ePub, mobi (Kindle), pdf and other electronic formats.  I’d love for you to benefit from a copy!

Here’s the blurb:

Wealthy Christians is a 30 day devotional that looks at God’s word, wealth and how the two can work together to impact this world for good. It is broken up into 30 sections to be read one day at a time. This includes a bible verse, an exploration of a financial idea, a prayer to pray and an actionable idea relating to improving one’s financial situation.

This devotional is for those wanting to better understand how they can use their finances for God’s work. It is also for anyone who wants to take better control of their finances and save more for their future.

While you’re at it, why not add the book to your shelves on Goodreads?  This is a great way to help me spread the word about this resource!  I want it to be available for everyone, so be sure to share with anyone you feel could benefit from this devotional!

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