It occurred to me today that in a way as Wealthy Christians we can be delegating when it comes to our finances. So what does delegating entail? Giving a task or role to someone to carry out on your behalf. And there are some unique ways that we can do this. Perhaps it’ll energise you to know that you’re not the only one working for your financial future! So how can we delegate our finances?

  1. Delegating Your Finances helps to Generate Wealth

    Delegating Your Finances helps to Generate Wealth

    Pray about them – when we ask God to guide us, to bless us and to empower us financially, He is working in this area on our behalf. He may prompt us to invest in a particular area that sees great returns, give into a particular area or even on how to cut back on spending! When we ask God to work on our behalf, we can be confident that he will help us in the area of our finances.

  2. Save – savings are earned daily. Whatever we put into savings is working for us, every single day! In this way, we are delegating our money to go on and generate something for us.
  3. Investing – when we invest our money into something other than a savings account / term deposit, we do so anticipating that it’ll earn a return for us in some other way. Investments should be generating income for us, too.

So here are 3 ways that we can delegate when it comes to our finances. Praying about them is at the top of the list for a reason!