Psalm 37:4 – ‘Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.’

What are the desires of your heart? It can be so easy to focus on the second pert of this verse. We can think, ‘how wonderful! God wants to give me what I want! How can I lose?’

Are the Desires of Your Heart in Line with God's?

Are the Desires of Your Heart in Line with God’s?

But the first part of the verse I believe is a condition for receiving the second part of this verse. We need to first delight ourselves in the Lord. What does this mean exactly? It means first getting to know Him. What does God love? What does He desire for us to do with our lives on this earth?

It secondly means to love Him so much, that we choose to love what He loves. When many relationships first start out, people find themselves agreeing to do things they have no interest in. And why is that? Because they’re eager to spend time with the other person – no matter what they have to do!

The above Bible verse doesn’t indicate that God will give us whatever we want. Instead, it is saying that as we grow to love God, our wants in life change. They start to align with what He wants. Consequently, He grants us the desires of our heart, as they’re based on His desires.

If you desire to be wealthy because you want to reach out to God’s lost children, I challenge you to put that before Him. Pray that He will guide you about where to give of your finances and time. Ask God to help you to save and invest well financially so that your finances increase and can go further. When the desires of your heart are His desires, watch Him give them to you.

Wealth tip – God is the provider and overseer of our finances; He will provide what we need and more if we are willing to invest it for Him.