Psalm 37: 4 – ‘Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart.’

Perhaps there are some people who read this and go, ‘Great! If I take delight in the Lord, he will bless me with wealth!’

I feel a truth in this verse is that if we truly delight in the Lord, then our desires line up with His – justice, love, and mercy – and suddenly as we work, we are seeking to see His promises fulfilled. God will only bless this.

If you have a desire on your heart and a relationship with God, consider that He has given you this desire. It could be to go into business; it could be to raise a Godly family. It could be to be the best spouse you possibly can! It could be to be a missionary.

Desires of Your Heart: mine is to Combine my Faith and my love of Horses

Desires of Your Heart: mine is to Combine my Faith and my love of Horses

Whatever it is, you can be a blessing to God and His children as you journey toward that desire. I desire to set up a successful horse business. Through this I am seeking a particular lifestyle with my husband and family. In particular, my dream has always been to reach those in the equine industry and show them God’s love through my successful business.

Christians are needed everywhere. In business, in the home, in remote communities. Never feel that you can’t make an impact for Christ right where you are now. Be excited about the desire God has placed on your heart, but don’t get so caught up in the destination that you don’t use the journey to impact others for God. Your journey to become a wealthy and influential Christian may impact more people on the way than when you ‘arrive’.

Wealth tip – look into discounts that you may be eligible for. Your locality, financial situation, education or even genetic background may offer you some beneficial discounts.