The word vocation comes from the Latin vocare ‘to call’.  It is often aligned with a profession, career, job or work.  And yet, it is also your calling, something for which you have a proficient aptitude, an inclination toward, a natural ability and a talent.

Can you honestly say that your job/career and that which you’re passionate about and naturally enjoy doing – and are good at! – are one and the same thing?  If not, can you identify your vocation/s?

Discovering Your Vocation can be an Incredible Treasure |

Discovering Your Vocation can be an Incredible Treasure |

I am so very blessed in that my vocation is my career.  And for me, it should be this way for everyone!  We should work because we enjoy it; it’s just a bonus that we get paid!  And although it doesn’t sound smart, I would happily do for free what I get paid to do!  This means that I often work to do my best in spite of what I get paid.  I love what I do, am good at it and am keen to improve in whatever way I can.

In the bible, it recognises that each of us has a calling or a vocation.  And why shouldn’t your workplace be something biblical?  You can be:

  • doing something you love and are good at
  • getting paid for this thing you enjoy doing
  • setting an example by doing your tasks for God
  • reaching the unchurched in your workplace/through your job

Perhaps you can make it a Wealthy Christians goal to discover your vocation, acquire a job in this area and then reach out to others, setting an example as you live for Christ.