Psalm 17: 14 – ‘… You still the hunger of those you cherish; their sons have plenty, and they store up wealth for their children.’

I have discussed with my husband whether the wealth stored up is by those the Lord cherishes (my husband and I), or by their sons who have plenty (our children) for their children. Either way, David is writing about God’s provision for generations to come.

This comes from us first having a relationship with our Heavenly Father and Him blessing us. Our children are then blessed if we pass on this saving knowledge to them, and their children will be blessed if provided with this knowledge, too.

It’s an incredible cycle that shouldn’t be broken. A knowledge of God and having a relationship with Him is first and foremost what we should be teaching our children; from this, we can then teach them about being a good steward of what God has blessed them with.

Gaining abundance and using this wealth wisely to bless others and expand God’s kingdom is an incredible thing. Teaching our children to want to do the same is even more so. We should always be leading by example and striving to be the best Christians we can and enabling our children and others around us to go on to do so much more than we did – all because we’ve let them learn from our mistakes and see what works best.

If we teach our children at an early age what we have learnt through our years of being in relationship with Christ, we can only put them ahead and set them up to then be able to teach others even more. Don’t break the cycle.

Financial tip – some annual bills like car registrations and home insurance are cheaper to pay in full, rather than in smaller more frequent amounts. Save in anticipation of these bills – they shouldn’t be a surprise! In doing so, you’ll save yourself money over the longer term to invest elsewhere.