Luke 5:27 – 28 – ‘After this, Jesus went out and saw a tax collector by the name of Levi sitting at his tax booth. “Follow me,” Jesus said to him, and Levi got up, left everything and followed him.’

Follow me Jesus said.  Levi was obedient to Christ’s direction. He left everything and did as Jesus said. ‘Follow me’ implies so much. We need to put our desire to follow Christ above all else.  Then we need to act on it.

Levi was a tax collector.  We read this in the bible.  We also find out that he was frowned upon by society because of his ‘profession’. Whatever our job or reputation, when we hear Christ’s call, we need to be obedient. Forget your imperfections – we all have them. Instead, focus on the perfect Christ and His desire for relationship with you.

Follow Me Jesus Said: will you be Obedient?

Follow Me Jesus Said: will you be Obedient?

Follow me Jesus said. Follow his word. Follow his promptings. Be obedient to his requests as soon as you can.

As we follow Christ, the things of this world become less important. We desire to help and love others. As this happens, Jesus enables us to do so. He allows us to be blessed, and to be a blessing to others.

When we follow Christ’s direction, we are able to be blessed financially.  As we follow his guidance on where to invest our finances, we have the opportunity to become wealthy.  As we follow what the bible says about wealth, we are able to bless others.  Follow Jesus, follow his word and direction and see that you aren’t able to bless others through your abundance.

Financial tip – be clear on payment terms before undertaking a job so that you know where you stand; don’t set yourself up to be dissatisfied if you learn someone else has better terms than what you agreed upon.