Proverbs 20:13 – ‘Do not love sleep or you will grow poor; stay awake and you will have food to spare.’

I don’t think this verse is indicating that we need to be consistently up and working. Far from it! God’s word is clear on us resting, on having a Sabbath. If however you spend your hours sleeping, then you miss out on many things. You are not working. Therefore, you miss out on a wage. You are not spending time being productive. Your sense of self esteem lowers. You are not interacting with others. You don’t get to socialise, learn of new opportunities or develop lasting relationships.

The Person who Chooses Sleep doesn't have Food to Spare

The Person who Chooses Sleep doesn’t have Food to Spare

In other verses in Proverbs, the person who likes sleep is described as someone who is lazy, a sluggard. Loving sleep means that you would rather be idle – not that you would rather be resting. The idle person will indeed grow poor as they aren’t working!

Food to Spare

God’s word says we should provide for those who can’t work. It doesn’t say that we should provide for those who are able to work, but choose not to. Beware the person who chooses sleep over being awake and being productive. As wealthy Christians, we know that if we stay awake – and work – then we will have enough for ourselves and then some! We will have food to spare. And what does this lead to? Being able to bless others!

The bottom line is simple. You will have food to spare if you make the effort to stay awake.

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