Psalm 128:1 – 2 – ‘Blessed are all who fear the Lord, who walk in his ways. You will eat the fruit of your labor; blessings and prosperity will be yours.’

Because this bible study focuses on what God’s word says about wealth, we will have a good look at the second statement in these two verses. But I wanted to focus first on verse 1. I think this is a key concept for all Christians. It states, blessed are those who fear the Lord, who walk in his ways.

Whether or not you take finances into account, God’s word says that if we fear him, then we will be blessed. How can a fear of something result in a blessing? It means that we respect God; we revere him. As his children, we acknowledge that he is incredibly powerful and in control of everything. As we acknowledge his supremacy, then we find it easier to walk in the ways that he encourages us to do.

Firstly, we must fear God and follow his ways. Secondly, it states you will eat the fruit of your labour. In other words, whatever you sow, you will reap. If you are willing to work hard, then you will receive your reward! If you choose to be lazy, then you too will see the fruits of that. This is an emphasis I believe on your willingness to work. I don’t think it’s about skills and abilities, but rather about your attitude.

You will eat the Fruit of Your Labor

You will eat the Fruit of Your Labor

You will eat the Fruit of your Labor

If you have an attitude that says – yes, I will work! – then I believe God will bless you for it. Not only will we find that our willingness to work will result in how much fruit we eat, but also it states that blessings and prosperity will be ours! If we make the effort to work, then we will receive prosperity from it! There is nothing quite like an authentic, hard worker. They are a joy to work with and to be around – they are more than willing to do their share!

Fear God and be willing to work hard. These two things I believe are a recipe for financial success and a Godly life.

Financial tip – set up a savings account and have any spare funds sitting in here; make the decision to save any amount on a weekly basis, even if it’s a dollar a day. Money in savings is working for you.

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