I recently received a review for one of my horse fiction novels.  It focuses around the King family who manage a property with other peoples’ horses on it.  Whenever they have a financial issue or decision to be made, they bring their concerns before God.  A criticism in the review was raised: why don’t they seek a financial advisor’s help, rather than God’s?

God as our Financial Advisor can Lead us in Best Practice

God as our Financial Advisor can Lead us in Best Practice

I want to suggest that you can do both.  If you are struggling with managing your finances and want advice, it makes sense to go to someone who knows money.  They know how to manage things better in accounts, how to increase savings and decrease spending.  They know about superannuation and planning for your future.  They are able to guide about investments.

How do they know all of these things?  Because they have studied finances; they have a passion for them.  And who gave them the passion, who gave them these skills and the capacity to learn and help others?  God!

I honestly believe first and foremost that we should entrust our finances to God.  Pray that he would guide us on being good stewards of our finances.  Pray that he would lead us to advisors who can best meet our needs.  Pray that he would help us to be disciplined in our spending and saving.  And pray that he would help us to increase our financial intelligence.

Don’t ignore how other people’s knowledge can help you in your financial journey.  But first and foremost, ask God to guide you in wisdom and knowledge.  Trust God as your financial advisor.