Proverbs 15: 6 – ‘The house of the righteous contains great treasure, but the income of the wicked brings them trouble.’

It seems interesting to me that this verse references a house for the righteous and income for the wicked. A house refers to a place where one dwells or abides. In this place where we live, have a spouse and raise a family, we will find great treasure.

The House of the Righteous Contains Great Treasure

The House of the Righteous Contains Great Treasure

Treasure could be money, wealth, jewels or something that we cherish or value greatly. In a Godly house, it can be presumed then that the house is full of valuable things. As wealthy Christians, we should endeavour to have a righteous household – to teach our family the values of Christ. From here, we will find that we have great treasures.

Great Treasure

The best treasure I can imagine, is knowing my children will grow up to love God and be in relationship with Him. Next to this, knowing I can afford to look after their needs and invest in their future is a desire of mine. As we raise our children in a Godly manner, I believe God blesses my husband and I, as we invest our finances for our future and our children’s future.

For those who choose not to follow God, His word indicates that their income will result in trouble. It doesn’t say that those who are wicked won’t be wealthy.  However, it does indicate that their income will be a problem for them.

This could be solely through greed and the desire to have more, more, more. When you put your finances above your relationship with God, this will indeed result in trouble. We should never desire wealth over a relationship with God. If we do, it will result in trouble.

Wealth tip – budget your money and follow this.