Proverbs 14:31 – ‘He who oppresses the poor shows contempt for their Maker, but whoever is kind to the needy honours God.’

Whether you are a wealthy Christian, or you aspire to be, hopefully you recognise that every person is made equally in the eyes of God. He loves us all the same, whether or not we acknowledge Him.

For those who acknowledge that God made us all equal, they should also recognise that because of this, we should oppress no one. When we do so, we are devaluing what God has made. As a wealthy Christian, we should be seeking instead to show love for all.

This can be through providing our finances to a worthy cause, through cooking for a person in need, through baby sitting for a single mother who needs a break. Whatever it is, be assured that there are many ways we can show love for those whom God has made and loves equally.

Being Kind to the Needy Honours God

Being Kind to the Needy Honours God

When we act in this manner, the Bible says it ‘honours God’. Is that one of your goals in life? To honour the God who made you and blessed you? If not, perhaps you would like to consider creating a new goal.

Honours God

As wealthy Christians, we should be aspiring to continue to earn, invest and generate wealth. There is no point in having this wealth though, if we will not use it to honour God.

Set yourself a goal now to honour God every day. Be kind to the needy. Ask God to open your eyes to people in need. Do you know of someone who needs a hug today? Do you know of someone who needs to be taken out for a coffee or lunch? What about someone who needs a kind word and a smile? Be kind to the needy, it honours God.

Wealth tip – if the amount you need or want to save isn’t possible on your current budget, consider where costs could be cut or more money could be earned.

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