When you are wealthy and using it for God, it benefits me. How is that so? It is my desire as a Wealthy Christian to reach many people for Christ. I also desire to pass on what has helped me to get on top of my finances – and to flourish – to other people. And in time, perhaps they can pass on their knowledge too!

In the end, our goals are the same.  If you flourish and are able to give more to God, that is what I desire!  So your wealth increasing is something I desire, so that you can give more.

With that thought in mind, I want to explore various free resources available to you to help build your wealth. I have signed up to Wealth with Purpose and often receive emails from Alex Cooke about building wealth for God’s kingdom. The emails provide videos with tips, articles with guidelines and often downloadable resources to help your financial situation!

Wealth with Purpose Free Resource: Eliminating Debt

Wealth with Purpose Free Resource: Eliminating Debt

Wealth with Purpose provides a simple but effective pdf file on eliminating debt. Alex looks specifically at the length of time to be paid off on debts, eg a monthly crdit card, a car loan term, a mortgage loan term. He also advises to assess the interest rate, and those that are costing more in interest.

Then he focuses on assets that can be converted to cash to help pay off debts, focusing on the higher paying debts first and the smaller ones, to eliminate as quickly as possible.

The above link provides free ebooks on other financial aspects, too!  Why not have a look?  After all, they’re free 🙂

Be sure to take at look at wealth and faith resources for a list of free resources available to you!

Also, why not download my free 30 Day Devotional, Wealthy Christians?