Proverbs 20 4: – ‘A sluggard does not plow in season; so at harvest time he looks but finds nothing.’

Ecclesiastes reminds us that there is a season for everything. It is not always the time to be joyful or fruitful. However, everything under God’s guidance will bring joy and fruit in God’s perfect timing. It will all occur in season – at the right time.

In Season

As wealthy Christians we need to be mindful of doing things in season. The above verse points out that because the lazy person doesn’t make use of the plow at the right time, he doesn’t receive any harvest. It is only as we sow and care for things that they grow and produce. Getting a harvest requires work. As much as God wants to bless us, He won’t do so if we choose to sit around and do nothing. Or better yet, do nothing and complain about our lack of things!

In Season the Harvest Comes

In Season the Harvest Comes

We need to learn to recognise opportunities. Work is an opportunity to earn a wage. Income is an opportunity to learn to budget and save. Savings are an opportunity to invest in things we want and need, and to bless others. All of these things can happen in season, if we first recognise the need to work and do this.

Are you thankful for the opportunity to work? Be thankful for whatever wage you currently earn. Are you thankful that you can learn better skills and so earn more? Be thankful that you can find another job that pays more or provides more appealing ‘extras’ but that in the mean time, you have something to do to earn an income. Remember, your wealth will build and come in season.

Financial tip – establish a separate bank account for your child. If you put away $10 a week for 18 years, this totals $9,360 dollars for a deposit, education or something else. If you invested $10 a week for 18 years at 5% interest, this would total in excess of $14,600 at the end.