Proverbs 19:14 – ‘Houses and wealth are inherited from parents, but a prudent wife is from the Lord.’

God gifts us with many things – a spouse, children, assets, skills. The list goes on. Some of the things that God provides for us, we cannot pass on to others. For example, maybe He has blessed you with a prudent wife (or husband)! This refers to a spouse who is careful, cautious, sensible or practical. When it comes to finances, it is good to have this characteristic!

Houses and Wealth are Inherited from Parents

Houses and Wealth are Inherited from Parents

When we marry, we commit to that person for our whole lives. Other things – like houses and wealth, we are able to gift to our children. Do you plan to leave a legacy for your children?

First and foremost as Christians, we should desire to leave a legacy of faith for our children. On top of this, how wonderful for them to know that houses and wealth are inherited from parents! If we are in a position to provide our children with wealth – great! Better than this, we can provide them with the skills and knowledge to manage their wealth – and even acquire more.

Inherited from Parents

As wealthy Christians, make it your goal to leave a legacy for your children. Make it so that this verse in proverbs refers to you when it says houses and wealth are inherited from parents. We can teach our children many things in life – good and bad. Make the effort to teach them to love and fear God. Then teach them to be wise with their money and to work to generate more so that they can bless others.

It is not the end of the world if your children don’t have wealth in their lives. As long as they fear the Lord and learn to live within their means, they will be more than fine! But how wonderful to be able to encourage them to generate more than they need and use it for advancing God’s kingdom.

Financial tip – be clear on payment terms before undertaking a job so that you know where you stand; don’t set yourself up to be dissatisfied if you learn someone else has better terms than what you agreed upon.

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