Do you ever want to do more?  Perhaps you’re able to regularly save – well done! – and this is even earning you interest on a monthly basis.  You give a tithe or offering regularly into your local church; you support other causes important to you and God.  But you want to do more with your finances.

Interest? Give it Away! |

Interest? Give it Away! |

Or maybe you are saving but you can’t see where you can stretch your budget to allow you to give something into God’s kingdom.

If you have a savings plan, then you’re already getting ahead.  If you look at it this way, then any interest earned on these savings isn’t really needed.  What’s to stop you from giving your interest away?  Nothing!

But it’s only a few dollars, you may argue.  Isn’t that better than nothing?  Some weeks I am amazed to find that what I earn from a job I love is potentially more than someone in poverty lives on in a year.  A few dollars can mean a lot to an organisation, a family in need, your local church or another cause God has placed on your heart.

And if you’re working really hard to save a little each week, then you can be content knowing that your savings will continue to grow, whilst at the same time the interest it earns you is able to be used to bless someone else.  Interest?  Give it away!