You can’t expect to change your financial situation if you’re going to keep letting things slide.  Wisdom and riches are a habit.  I recently read a statement about getting into the habit of putting your keys in a particular spot – on a little table inside your door, hanging on the wall, etc.  The place is irrelevant, the habit is the point.

Being Wise with our Finances: has to be a Habit; become Second Nature |

Being Wise with our Finances: has to be a Habit; become Second Nature |

Where you place the keys regularly becomes a habit – you don’t even need to think to do it; you do it automatically.  Making wise financial choices and acting on them should also be something you do automatically.  And they should be founded in God’s word.

I remember reading that it takes 21 days to form a habit. And if it takes longer, don’t worry!  Be committed to prioritising a particular action relating to your finances every day you have the opportunity to, until it no longer requires you to think about it.

This may relate to tithes and offerings and doing it each week at church.  Your habit may be saving a portion of your pay packet each week, fortnight or month.  Maybe you need to cut back from buying 2 coffees each work day to only 1 and saving this money by putting it into an interest earning account.

Start a habit and be intentional about carrying it out at every opportunity.  In time it’ll become second nature and you can go on to establish another habit that will improve your financial situation on a regular basis.