Proverbs 14:21 – ‘He who despises his neighbour sins, but blessed is he who is kind to the needy.’

In the previous verse we discovered that poor people are shunned even by their neighbours. If you’re a poor person perhaps there is a stigma associated with your circumstances. It is assumed that you will always want from others, that you won’t be able to contribute, that you’re a burden.

God's Word says to be Kind to the Needy

God’s Word says to be Kind to the Needy

God’s word clearly indicates that we are to provide for those in need. In fact, the person who is kind to the needy in blessed, according to God. With that in mind, it is our responsibility as wealthy Christians to reach out to those in need.

If we turn a blind eye, then we are not blessed. Worse yet, if we are negative toward our neighbour who is in need, then we are sinning. As a wealthy Christian, be excited about the fact that you can help those in need. Rejoice when you find someone who is needy and you can help them!

Use your wealth to bless others. When you do this, you will be blessed. As you invest in those God has asked you to care for, see if He provides more ways for you to do so. When you invest wisely with the finances He has blessed you with, watch them grow. As they do this, you are able to better provide for yourself, your family and those neighbours who are in need.

Being Kind to the Needy

Remember that it is a sin to despise your neighbour. Look for every opportunity that you can take to bless them and act on this. For those in need around you, be kind to them. Offer a kind word, a smile, a cooked meal, and also a pair of ears to listen. God will bless you for it.

Wealth tip – God is the provider and overseer of our finances; He will provide what we need and more if we are willing to invest it for Him.

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