Proverbs 16: 26 – ‘The laborer’s appetite works for him; his hunger drives him on.’

By trade, I am an equine author and educator. I love things that relate to horses and a career. Of particular interest to me, are those things that I can do to generate a passive income. Why? Because I love earning money with minimal effort. Then I can invest my time into another venture that brings in income. In this way, I can build wealth and also bless others. To me, this is the laborer’s appetite.

The Laborer's Appetite Drives him on.

The Laborer’s Appetite Drives him on.

The Laborer’s Appetite

I am driven to seek out ways that will effectively and efficiently earn me money. From here, I am then driven to invest this money in a way that it will earn, too. I want to know that whatever money is within my accounts, that it is either keeping debt down, or it is earning interest.

God’s word recognises that the laborer’s appetite is what causes him to work. If you are hungry, then no doubt you will do something to satisfy that hunger. If you are hungry for wealth, no doubt you will be willing to work for it. Your desire to be wealthy is a healthy desire if it drives you to action. It’s a healthy desire if it doesn’t come before your love of God.

You can be driven to work, save and achieve in an unhealthy way. This results in someone who is a workaholic. It also results in someone who can never have enough. It results in someone who is greedy and ultimately – tired.

Make sure you are driven for the right reasons. Put God at the centre of your desire to work, then you cannot lose.

Financial tip – set up a savings account and have any spare funds sitting in here; make the decision to save any amount on a weekly basis, even if it’s a dollar a day. Money in savings is working for you.