Proverbs 6: 10 – 11 – ‘A little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to rest – and poverty will come on you like a bandit and scarcity like an armed man.’

Read through Proverbs 6: 6 – 11. The lazy person (or sluggard) is directed to observe the work of the ant. When there is a time of plenty (summer), the ant stores up provisions for when they will be needed and may not be available to harvest.

Laziness is catching. It is so easy to look around, recognise that we have abundance and choose not to be wise with it. In times of plenty, it is wise to put away for times of drought; or at least to bless others who are lacking!

Have you ever noticed how busy people get more done?

At one stage I was working 6 days a week and studying a degree part time; I started my days with a list of things I needed to get done and those that I wanted to achieve. Although the list wasn’t always complete, the more I had on it, the more I got done!

At the same time, an acquaintance who wasn’t working or studying would comment on how busy their day had been with one tiresome task – perhaps food shopping or seeking out a potential house to rent.

If we choose to rest that bit longer, to put off tasks until tomorrow, a habit forms. From this habit, we will find that we aren’t earning our keep; that we aren’t able to save, that we are lacking in areas of need. God will look after our needs (and wants) but we need to be healthy stewards with our time, resources and skill sets that he has blessed us with.

Financial tip – in times of plenty, don’t splurge this extra. Save a set percentage and use it to build up for times of need. If you unexpectedly come into money (like a tax refund) use it to decrease debts or increase savings.