Proverbs 19:17 – ‘He who is kind to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will reward him for what he has done.’

When we are kind to those who are lacking, it says that this person lends to the Lord. Let’s have a look at some synonyms for lend:
Lend – to loan, let somebody use, let someone have temporarily; to provide, offer, give, impart, contribute

Lends to the Lord: as you Give to Others, you Give to God

Lends to the Lord: as you Give to Others, you Give to God

So when we are caring toward God’s children, then we are providing something for God. When we are thoughtful with regards to the poor, we are contributing for Christ. As the wealthy Christian takes time to act kindly toward the person who is in need, he or she is imparting the Lord’s love to them.

This in itself should be reward enough for us – knowing that on this earth we are doing what God has called us to do. But the second half of this verse indicates that as we do what God desires us to do, then He will reward us! Let’s have a look at other words for reward.
Reward – prize, pay, repay, compensate, gift

Be He Who Lends to the Lord

As we do God’s work on earth, His word says that he will repay us or compensate us for this. Now this is not a reason to do the work! Do not give, expecting to receive. Rather, give because God asks it of us and then be thankful if He rewards you in a way that means you can go on to be kind to more people in need! It’s an incredible privilege to be able to bless those in need, because God has blessed us. Look for opportunities to be he who lends to the Lord.

Financial tip – in times of plenty, don’t splurge this extra. Save a set percentage and use it to build up for times of need. If you unexpectedly come into money (like a tax refund) use it to decrease debts or increase savings.

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