Luke 5:5 – ‘Simon answered, “Master, we’ve worked hard all night and haven’t caught anything. But because you say so, I will let down the nets.”’

God’s timing is paramount. We can work in vain tirelessly but if an act isn’t done in God’s timing, it can exhaust us and reap no benefit. When God says, ‘let down the nets!’ then, it is the time to act!  Not before.

You may have a business plan or desire God has placed on your heart. You know it can be fruitful financially. You know it will bless others. How can it be wrong to pursue it right now?  Surely if you have the idea and the skills, it is time to invest in the dream?  Surely God will bless you if you buy the block of land, building or purchase a heap of resources in faith!

Let Down the Nets: God's Word says to wait on His Timing

Let Down the Nets: God’s Word says to wait on His Timing

Wait for God’s direction to ‘let down the nets’! A God inspired idea will fail if you take it on without His timing and guidance. Be excited about your dream and proactive.  You can learn skills, save money, develop contacts and wait on God. You can still be productive and bless others whilst waiting to fulfill a dream.

Don’t let an unfulfilled promise cause you to respond with apathy to a hurting world.  Joshua had to wait an incredible time for his land, but that didn’t stop him being courageous and following God’s lead.

Wait on God’s timing.  When He says, ‘let down the nets’, then be ready to be obedient to His direction.

Wealth tip – set yourself a financial goal and list some ways that you can actively work towards this (develop a brand, website, products, service, etc). Share this goal with one or two trusted friends and be accountable – work toward it on a regular basis.