At the moment we are being blessed with some beautiful autumn days after a lovely weekend of soaking rain.  That’s here in North East Victoria, Australia.  With these glorious days I am in the process of working to maintain/get on top of our garden.  This requires weeding, a little bit of watering and pruning.  The day that I wrote this post, I was thanking God for the opportunity to maintain a little (some weeding, some watering) but to also add to our garden by propagating and planting elsewhere in a bare patch or two. In time I know this will make our garden even nicer to look at – and there’ll be less room for weeds!  And I got to thinking: do I take this approach with my finances?

Maintaining and Adding |

Maintaining and Adding |

I think I do.  Maintaining my finances, I try to stick to a budget (or at least to simply week in and week out live within my means by spending less than I earn).  But I also add to my finances by having a consistent savings plan.  Now in time, this could be seen as maintaining and adding.  I am maintaining a good habit of saving regularly whilst also adding to my income by the interest that is earned daily and paid out monthly.

Can I challenge you to focus on this simple idea of maintaining and adding when it comes to your own finances?

It is very important to maintain things – to stick within a budget, to pay bills, to decrease debt.  But alongside this we really need to be adding.  If we don’t establish processes that will improve our financial situation, then we’ll only ever be maintaining and not looking at a wonderful abundance, the chance to give or even consider early retirement!

You can add to your financial situation by saving and putting this money in an account that earns interest.  You can add to your situation by picking up a second job and using this money to save more or invest.  You can add to your situation by developing products that can earn you passive income over time.  Think about what you can regularly do (weekly, monthly or even seasonally) that will add to your financial situation regularly, over time.  It’s worth investing in now.