Proverbs 14:20 – ‘The poor are shunned even by their neighbours, but the rich have many friends.’

As a person who has wealth, it can be difficult to determine your true friends. Some may only be after your wealth or stature and it is this that they want to be friends with. For this reason, it is wise to heed the advice of the Bible that says we should Pretend to be Poor as in Proverbs 13. It is better to be seen as poor and not find yourself with fake friends.

Many Friends - does your Money cause you to Question your Friends?

Many Friends – does your Money cause you to Question your Friends?

Perhaps this verse can be looked at from two angles. A rich person doesn’t want to have friends that are only around because of their money. A rich person should however, want to have many friends. Perhaps your wealth puts you in a position where you can meet more people or reach out to others.

As a wealthy Christian, are you trying to influence more people for the better? Are you behaving in such a way that results in you having more friends? Are you taking the time to be genuinely interested in others and providing value in their lives? Perhaps as a rich person, you have many friends because you’re able to invest more time in people. If this is so – great!

Many Friends

As a rich person, make it your goal in life to find those poor people who are shunned. Invest in them – provide for them, offer your time, a smile and then a kind word. This ultimately will bless you and those who are struggling financially. As a rich person, determine to have many friends. Then, act on it.

Wealth tip – don’t shy away from second hand. Many things you need don’t have to be brand new. You can save a lot of money if you’re willing to purchase something previously loved by another: a fridge, car, lounge suite, etc.

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