In our wealth journey as Christians, I believe it is important to act today.  Consider the simple analogy of a snowball.  As it rolls down a hill (or mountain) it picks up more snow, and then a little more.  Then its surface area is greater, so it picks up even more.  And in time, what started out as a small ball of snow is now massiveMomentum is important.

Momentum is Important |

Momentum is Important |

This is how I want my wealth journey to go over time.  I want to start by getting the snowball rolling.  That means that today I set up an automatic savings plan that transfers a set amount each day or month into a savings account (it needs to be earning interest!).

Now an example for you:

  • As a stay at home mother for a few years, I knew it was important to still be putting aside super for my future. So I opted to set up a weekly savings plan of $7 ($1/day) that each week was transferred across to my savings account.  What’s to stop you from doing the same thing today?  At the end of a year you have $365 sitting in savings (plus interest earned on it each month) from one action that you made today.  Isn’t that an awesome snowball affect?

Now I look at this and think: that was easy!  What’s to stop me doing something else today that will also have a follow on effect?  Now for me, these things are often:

These are things that I know how to do, love to do and really should invest more time in doing!  Firstly, they’re a form of passive income.  I do the work once but get paid for it many times.  I love seeing emails in my inbox that indicate I have sold a product (or products) on the TPT site or that my book/s have gone up in ranking due to a sale (or six!).

Now the wonderful thing about your savings or selling a product that you’ve already created and don’t need to make again is that these concepts are repeatable.  What’s to stop you having a savings plan that is greater than $1/day?  Or creating another product that you can sell countless times?  Again, this is momentum.

Once you set up that process today and start to see the positive results of it, it inspires you to do more.  You’re no longer having to work to see a result – the process you set up is working every day in the background.  Now if you set up more opportunities to save or earn, then you’re working on a snowball effect.  You’re building momentum.

What process can you set up today that’ll move your wealth journey forward by degrees without you having to do any further work?