You may be familiar with the story of the talents.  The owner of the money is angry that one of his servants didn’t at least put the money loaned to him in a bank so it could earn interest.  Earning interest in a savings account is a given.  Money doesn’t grow on trees, but it does grow in savings accounts.

God's Word States that Money Grows in Savings Accounts

God’s Word States that Money Grows in Savings Accounts

Even if you aren’t regularly able to put aside money for saving, what is to stop you from keeping the majority of your money that you live on, in a savings account?  As bills fall due, you can transfer it to your everyday account to pay for them.  Until then, the money can be earning interest.

If you’re able to earn even a small sum in interest over a year – say $50 – wouldn’t you do it?  Surely if someone handed you $50 you wouldn’t refuse it!  Well every month you can be handed money in your account – if you’ll house your funds in a savings account!  Even if you don’t see the value for yourself, think of the value you could give through donating your savings each year.

Perhaps you could acquire it over the year and then donate the lump sum to a cause that God’s placed on your heart.  Money grows in savings accounts – make it grow by planting your funds into a savings account today.