Proverbs 10:22 – ‘The blessing of the Lord brings wealth, and he adds no trouble to it.’

Did you know that to give someone your blessing means you approve or grant them permission? If we are good stewards of what God provides us with, he will further bless that and bring wealth for us to use rightly.  It is not wrong for Christians to have wealth!  In fact, God wants to bless us abundantly.

No Trouble, this is what God Promises to Add to our Wealth

No Trouble, this is what God Promises to Add to our Wealth

Further, he adds no trouble (problem, difficulty, worry, anxiety, strife, unrest, discontent) to this. After all, it is to be a blessing to us.

Having wealth shouldn’t cause us issues. However, with human nature, it is possible that our wealth can inflate our egos and cause us to focus on money instead of God.  Do you find yourself proud of your financial achievements?

Perhaps you’re boastful, or judge others’ lack of financial wisdom? Don’t forget that God has blessed you, rather than you have earned this wealth!  Wealth may cause problems with friends and family who have opinions on how we should make use of our wealth and benefit others with it.

If God has blessed you with wealth, then be sure to go to Him in times of confusion about how to best be a steward with it. If you find you have been blessed with abundance, seek out God’s word on what He says about giving to the poor.

Pray also that He will open your eyes to opportunities to bless others who are in need. You’d be surprised how many people you can help with simple resources like ingredients for a meal, a warm blanket or clothes!

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Wealth tip – shop around for multi policy discounts. With some businesses, having more than one policy (e.g. car and home insurance), can save you money.