1 Kings 10:21 – ‘… Nothing was made of silver, because silver was considered of little value in Solomon’s days.’

Read the verse above again. Nothing was made of silver. Why? Because it was considered practically worthless. Solomon’s wealth was so great, that silver was seen as a minor currency; loose change.

Can you even imagine that kind of wealth? Now consider something: who made Solomon this wealthy? Why?

God provided Solomon with the opportunity to be so wealthy that silver was considered of little value. Was He blessing Solomon because David’s son had asked for great wealth? No. He was blessing him because he’d asked for wisdom to govern his people.

Wealth might seem to you the greatest thing to aspire to have in life. It isn’t. Wisdom is. If you have the greatest riches in the world, riches where silver is considered of little value to you… What good is this if you don’t have the wisdom to manage it? To use it effectively? To utilise it to bless others and build your wealth further?

Of Little Value

Can you Imagine $100 being of Little Value?

Can you Imagine $100 being of Little Value?

As wealthy Christians, above all else we should be seeking God. We should be looking for His guidance on how to handle financial matters. We should be looking for opportunities He is providing to bless us.

When we do this, then we should find that our financial situation improves. What then? Then seek God’s direction on how to utilise your wealth to benefit others. God is more than able to give you so much wealth that you won’t know what to do with it. And if ever you are blessed to be in this situation, seek His guidance again. He will know exactly how to make use of the money that you have but don’t need to live on.

Financial tip – consider if a loan is necessary to make purchases; other than a mortgage, in a short time frame it should be possible to save regular amounts and purchase items outright. A $10,000 car could end up costing you 12,000 over a 5 year period and will devalue by half in the first 12 months. Buying a similar vehicle that is 12 months old with cash may be a much smarter move financially.

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