Proverbs 18: 9 – ‘One who is slack in his work is brother to one who destroys.’

The above verse has some harsh words! Perhaps you know of someone who doesn’t appear to pull their weight at work. They are lazy. Would you describe them as related to someone who destroys things?

Don't be One Who Destroys; Produce Fruit

Don’t be One Who Destroys; Produce Fruit

The lazy worker is likened to one who destroys. This is quite a negative description! Throughout the book of proverbs, the reader is consistently shown the negatives of being lazy. God does not appreciate the lazy person.

As wealthy Christians, we should endeavour to never be lazy. This does not mean we cannot rest – God insists on a day of rest each week. It does mean that when we are working, we should do it to the best of our capabilities. Doing so I believe will set you up for wealth.

If you consistently try to improve as a worker, it will happen. As you learn better ways to do things, then you become more effective as a worker. This won’t go unnoticed by employers or colleagues. Likewise, it won’t go unnoticed by God.

As you seek ways to be more efficient, you can earn more in the same timeframe. As you seek better ways to invest, then you can earn a greater return on your money.

One Who Destroys

Don’t be slack. Endeavour to not be the one who destroys. Don’t settle for what you currently have. Instead, endeavour to do more, to learn more and to be better. Wealth will follow these consistent habits.

Financial tip – some annual bills like car registrations and home insurance are cheaper to pay in full, rather than in smaller more frequent amounts. Save in anticipation of these bills – they shouldn’t be a surprise! In doing so, you’ll save yourself money over the longer term to invest elsewhere.

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