Proverbs 28:22 – ‘A stingy man is eager to get rich and is unaware that poverty awaits him.’

When you think about how you are in life, do you consider what awaits you? If you’re aspiring to be a wealthy Christian, are you being generous? God’s word says that if we are stingy, then it doesn’t matter that we’re eager to get rich. In fact, poverty awaits him who is stingy.

God's Word says Poverty Awaits him who is Stingy

God’s Word says Poverty Awaits him who is Stingy

What is stingy? Well the antonym is generous. Doesn’t that say it all! Someone who is stingy may otherwise be known as sparing or grudging.  They are mean or tight-fisted with their finances and other belongings. In other words, they have issues with giving. Even if we desire to be rich, if we refuse to be generous with what we have – and what we will acquire in the future – then God warns that poverty awaits you instead!

Poverty Awaits Him who is Stingy

God’s word is clear on being generous to others. Be generous with your love; give of your time. If you have more than enough, then share it with those in need. Give of your finances. If you don’t have this attitude, then it seems that God is saying you have no right to be entrusted with wealth! And even the opposite will occur – poverty awaits him who is stingy.

Be sure that you desire wealth for the right reasons. And as you journey to become a wealthy Christian, practice generosity at every opportunity.

Financial tip – establish the difference between needs and wants. Do you need your next purchase? Can the money be better invested elsewhere?

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