Jeremiah 29:7 – ‘Also, seek the peace and prosperity of the city to which I have carried you into exile. Pray to the Lord for it, because if it prospers, you too will prosper.’

Where do you invest your funds? Do you buy locally? Do you hire locally? Do you give to causes in your community? God’s word indicates that if we seek after the prosperity of the city, then we too will prosper.

And I believe that is what God wants from all of us – to seek after others’ wellbeing. Perhaps as a wealthy Christian, you can make a goal for 2017. This goal could be to give to someone, every day. You can give a smile, a kind word, of your finances, a hug, encouragement, a compliment, a meal or your time. Make a commitment to God – and tell someone so that you’re accountable. Determine to make 2017 your year of giving from your abundance. You can even start now!

Prosperity of the City

Watch it Grow: Seek the Prosperity of the City

Watch it Grow: Seek the Prosperity of the City

Seek after the prosperity of your city. Each day, work to do something that is of benefit to the area where you live. Like what, you ask! Do you maintain your house and garden well? Could you mow a neighbour’s lawn? Do you pick up your rubbish – and others – when out and about? Do you give to local causes? Have you considered buying extra non perishable items in your regular food shop to give to a local cause? Do you let your council know about things that need fixing, such as potholes in roads or something in a local park?

Look out for the prosperity of your city. As it grows and prospers, you too will benefit. Work hard to make your local area more attractive and safer. As you do so, others may be motivated to do so, too.

Financial tip – look out for sales and prepare for them; save up for and buy in bulk during sales so that you’re saving money on items you regularly use.