Psalm 68:10 – ‘Your people settled in it, and from your bounty, O God, you provided for the poor.’

It can be easy for us to forget at times that all that we have comes from God. We may be very familiar with churches talking about us giving a tithe or offering. It is easy to hold back and say, ‘but I need this money!’ And yet, it has been provided to us from God’s abundance so that we can give back to help fund His works on this earth. Have you ever considered that God has already provided for the poor, all that they need? He has done that through our abundance.

From Your Bounty O God, you Provided for the Poor

From Your Bounty O God, you Provided for the Poor

From Your Bounty… Provided for the Poor

For those who have been blessed with more than enough, surely it is their duty to look out for those who are lacking! Perhaps God has provided me with a bounty of wages or of food, knowing that the person next door is lacking. He knows that there is opportunity for me to share His love by being someone who has provided for the poor.

Things are far from equal in this world. However, God blesses people that can then go and help others who are in need. It doesn’t mean we have to help everyone all the time – this is not possible. But it does mean that He has provided for the poor through us. We just need to recognise this and act!

Are there opportunities you’re being provided with to bless others that you don’t recognise? Or maybe you do, but you’re not being obedient?

Recently in my bible study group we were challenged to not pray that God would provide for the poor and then assume that it would happen through other people! If we are moved by the plight of others to pray for them, should we not also act? Chances are God has provided for the poor through you – are you being obedient to this call?

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