Psalm 37: 21 – 22 – ‘The wicked borrow and do not repay, but the righteous give generously; those the Lord blesses will inherit the land, but those he curses will be cut off.’

There is wonderful instruction and promise in the above verses. Firstly, God’s word indicates that the righteous give generously. That is, they provide or hand over kindly, with a big heart and liberally. They give as much as they possibly can to those who need it!

The Righteous give Generously - what can you give?

The Righteous give Generously – what can you give?

If we are God’s children, then we are amongst those who are counted as righteous. But are we living the way God’s word indicates we live? Challenge yourself as a wealthy Christian to give generously. Last week it was anti-poverty week where I live and I was sent a text with a challenge/encouragement to invite someone over for a meal who can’t return the favour. What a great idea!

We should always be looking for opportunities to bless those who can’t necessarily return the favour. After all, that’s not what it’s about! It’s about showing God’s love to others. The up side of this is that we’re doing something that touches God’s heart and His word says that those He blesses will inherit the land.

The Righteous Give Generously

Make it your life’s mission in whatever sphere of influence you have, to give generously to those in need around you. They may be lacking a smile, a hug, a kind word or a listening ear. It isn’t always finances that you need to give generously to someone.

If you have finances to give and you’re not sure where to invest, look for local charities! Pray to God and ask Him to guide you where He would have you give. Remember, the righteous give generously.

Wealth tip – if the amount you need or want to save isn’t possible on your current budget, consider where costs could be cut or more money could be earned.

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