Exodus 21: 2 – ‘If you buy a Hebrew servant, he is to serve you for six years. But in the seventh year, he shall go free, without paying anything.’

We are all equal in God’s sight, and yet there is a lot of inequality in this world. There is still slavery, racism, sexism and so much more that is unjust. As a steward of all that God has blessed you with, it is your responsibility to do things in a just manner.

It may be a difficult thing, but holding onto what is owed to you as time passes is not healthy. Perhaps you loaned a friend or family member money – even without interest! – and there is no sign of this being paid back. Perhaps they cannot afford to or they don’t intend to; do not hold this against them.

Offer freely in your abundance and after a time, let this debt go. Do not expect it to be paid back or add up all that you are ‘owed’, thinking you will be even more fruitful once it is paid back.

Learn to bless others without conditions or even if conditions are set, do not hold to these more than you hold to God to provide for your needs and more. Learn to set debts free after a time for whoever may owe you. However, as much as it is possible, work to pay any debts that you may owe to others.

Financial tip – research residual income options; there are many avenues where you can put in the work once, but gain the rewards many times over.