Proverbs 19:15 – ‘Laziness brings on deep sleep, and the shiftless man goes hungry.’

What is a shiftless man? Synonyms for shiftless include lazy, idle, good-for-nothing, indolent, slothful, inefficient and work-shy. Surely it is no wonder that the shiftless man goes hungry!

The Shiftless Man goes Hungry

The Shiftless Man goes Hungry

Have you ever noticed how on a day when you sleep and sleep, all you want to do is sleep more? I’m not talking about exhaustion, but it is easy to get into a habit of doing very little, tiring from this and needing to rest! It seems to me that cats do this often! 😉

There is a big focus on laziness (shiftlessness) in this verse. For those who aren’t willing to work, they find themselves tired and sleeping. They will also find themselves without food. And why? Because for whatever reason, this type of person refuses to work.

The Shiftless Man goes Hungry

If we avoid this bad habit – and it is a habit, something that is developed over time – then we can avoid two other things: the need to constantly sleep and going hungry. As we work hard and are dutiful in working, then we will be providing for ourselves. We will be a contribution to society, earning a wage. If we are frugal and blessed to be able to work for more than we need, then we will also in time be able to save. Wealth can be acquired through the habit of consistently saving and then investing this money.

Do not be the shiftless man who goes hungry. Instead endeavour to work whenever there is the opportunity to do so. This will help to ensure that you and your family don’t go hungry.

Financial tip – for items that you utilise on a regular basis, buy these in bulk wherever possible. You will save on your purchase and know you have that product for a long time to come.