Proverbs 23:4 – ‘Do not wear yourself out to get rich; have the wisdom to show restraint.’

It is a wise person who is able to show restraint. Likewise, it can be a wealthy person who shows restraint. Wealth can be acquired in time, slowly, steadily. It doesn’t need to be rushed or somewhere you invest all your energies. In fact, it shouldn’t be!

Be Sure to Practice Wisdom and Show Restraint with Your Finances

Be Sure to Practice Wisdom and Show Restraint with Your Finances

God should always come first. And if we desire to be wealthy Christians, we should question the motive behind this. If it is to give to those in need, to share God’s love, then God will provide these opportunities.

We should never feel that we need to wear ourselves out trying to acquire wealth! If we are to be wealthy, then we should trust God to provide opportunities. He can help us to earn, to save and to invest wisely. In these areas, we need to show restraint and wait on His provision and guidance.

This does not mean that we sit back and wait for the money to turn up and magically multiply. It means that we stay in communion with God – through prayer and His word. By doing this, we will have our eyes opened to opportunities – perhaps a new job or a business idea.

Then we can act as God guides us and know that when we put in the work that He’s provided, a blessing will come in the form of finances, the ability to save and then earn interest. Show restraint – wait on God’s timing, but when He says go, act!

Financial tip – consider if a loan is necessary to make purchases; other than a mortgage, in a short time frame it should be possible to save regular amounts and purchase items outright. A $10,000 car could end up costing you 12,000 over a 5 year period and will devalue by half in the first 12 months. Buying a similar vehicle that is 12 months old with cash may be a much smarter move financially.

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