Deuteronomy 15: 14 – ‘Supply him liberally from your flock, your threshing floor and your winepress. Give to him as the Lord your God has blessed you.’

Read through verses 12 – 14. God is instructing his people to utilise slaves for six years, but on the seventh year to grant them freedom. Further to this, He instructs them to bless the person liberally.

Have you ever had someone let you off the hook? They’ve granted you freedom in forgiveness or indicated that you don’t need to pay back a debt? Did you feel grateful? What if they went that one step further?

Supply Him Liberally: only Measure Your Giving by God's Standards

Supply Him Liberally: only Measure Your Giving by God’s Standards

What if your debt was cancelled and they gave you resources to get on your feet again? God did this for us! He also instructs us to do this for others. As wealthy Christians, we should be looking for opportunities to give without expecting in return.

If someone approaches you for a loan, and it’s within your means – provide it. Further to this, supply him liberally. On top of the loan they have requested of you, provide them with even more than they asked for. Don’t do this without thought – consider what finances, resources or contacts could really help this person to get ahead and in time become a wealthy Christian if following Godly principles.

As you follow God’s prompting to provide for those in need, they can be built up to do the same thing. Wealthy Christians should provide generously to those in need. It isn’t possible to help everyone – and some who ask are taking advantage – but with God’s guidance it is possible to invest in His kingdom and potentially help others to develop and do the same in time. Supply him liberally.

Wealth tip – God is the provider and overseer of our finances; He will provide what we need and more if we are willing to invest it for Him.

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